welcome to the closet thrifted shirt, so plaid to meet you

There’s nothing better than finding a vintage shirt that is just made for you when you are thrifting. You feel almost no guilt about buying said shirt, even though you have similar styles in your closet. Why? You are saving a piece of history from an untimely fate of lingering alone on a rack- and you are doing it at a fraction of the cost for a new garment. Perhaps this poor plaid shirt would have been grabbed as part of a Halloween costume for a small lumberjack. Or as an addition to a conservative school uniform in a small town that admires little know clan plaids…Who knows? Selflessness, friends! Such a good feeling. There just can never be enough plaid in my closet… ever. If you feel the same way you might consider dressing to celebrate Plaidurday with me on October 4.I think I rally to the cause year round, but just in case you are a new convert feel free to break out of your shell that day! Next, is anyone aware of a clog day I can get in on?

Shirt, vintage thrifted
Pants, Target
Shoes, Lotta Clogs
Purse, Dooney

blue plaid thrifted shirt


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