wearing just a little bit of jingle

I have more Christmas jewelry than I would like to admit. In fact, I have one whole jewelry box devoted to Christmas. This year I have found myself wearing far less, perhaps it is the little hands grabbing it that I am thinking of. I decided to make just a small amount of jingle with this bell that I topped with an oak acorn. I am an admitted acorn fanatic. I love using them for all kinds of crafts, especially acorn necklace charms. I have been called a squirrel because I am always looking for them when we visit a new park.  Do you have any nature collections?






  • Elizabeth Heintz

    Love your outfit….where did you get your short sleeved sweater?

  • Carma Sez

    that is a sweet necklace. Girl, you look fabulous! I also wear far less jewelry than I used to; much more comfy that way, but occasionally I like to bring out the bling

  • Amanda

    Hi There! Paying back your visit. LOVE your blog , its so peaceful! And those colors are just amazing!