we want a world with polar bears

February 27th is International Polar Bear Day, a day to challenge ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint. Polar bear mothers keep their tiny cubs safe in caves they dig from ice. I want a world where there is more than enough ice for hunting grounds and caves for the mama bears, don’t you? I want this guy to know that the bears are fighting back from a reduced population, reduced size in adulthood, and reduced litter numbers.  Let’s all celebrate the bears tomorrow by powering down if we can (those of you under snowdrifts probably are doing all you can already, so you get an extra blanket and hug from the rest of us). Happy Polar Bear Day from the littles here.

shirt drawn with craft “puffy paint”



IMG_4843 polarbear_tee
  • http://mypixieblog.com/ Charlotte

    Awww, I didn’t realize it was polar bear day; what a great cause! Videos of polar bears clinging on to small ice chunks always tears at my heartstrings.

    Your son is so handsome (and love his shirt!).

    Hope you are having a great weekend–stopping in today from SITS Sharefest!

  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    What a cute little tee! (And handsome little boy!)

    I had no idea it was international polar bear day today, what a wonderful day. It is important to help the environment as much as we can! When my son is older, he will be learning that too! Right now, he’s working on learning to crawl, so we have a while to go yet, haha!

    Away From The Blue