this year the tree is on the wall

For years I was a Christmas addict and every room that had the space had a tree of a varying size stuffed into it. After two Christmases with late pregnancies and now two toddlers I have scaled way back to a holiday without the trees. I miss them, but I shudder to think of a little man trying to climb one the way he climbs every tree we see at the park. It makes sense, right? Boys climb trees. Why shouldn’t they want to climb one in your house? Crash, boom, broken ornaments.
This year the hubs made a tree out of scrap beadboard we already had. I enjoy the simplicity and I think the presents will look lovely there when the boys are ready for them. Yes, they try to look at this one pretty closely, but they aren’t climbing it yet or eating pine needles. Wait, they did do that from my greenery arrangement. One day, a real tree… I can wait (impatiently).

christmas tree from beadboard for the wall
The greenery in the vase was throw away spruce from a Christmas tree sale. I love reusing the cut boughs for arrangements and decorations- free and heavenly smelling! Our couches usually have neutral and very easy to clean slipcovers in lighter colors on them, but at Christmas I break out a color I hide the rest of the year…red.

christmas decor in red and green   beadboard handmade christmas tree   beadboard christmas tree   beadboard tree   playing with train   christmas greenery bouquet

train for christmas

  • Kathleen Hicks

    Such a charming living room, I love the light up tree on the wall I could see that in many other fun shapes:)

    Aloha, Kathleen

  • Becky @ bybmg

    That is so simple and gorgeous. Our tree has been pulled down once by our toddler…. oh the adventures! When we used to have cats, they would be the real tree trouble makers!

    • Marie

      oh yes, the cat climbed the tree too…boom. :)