things I like about dreary days, including tacky boots

It’s oh so dreary today, but it made me think…I don’t hate dreary days. Sometimes I would like a break from them, but they have their good points sartorially speaking.

1. I feel no guilt about wearing a super comfy, almost pj quality dress.

2.  Sunglasses at home? No problem.

3.  White, sun starved legs? They glare less on dreary days.


4. Rain in the forecast? You should wear boots in case of rain on a dreary day- bring on the tacky vintage boot to spice it up.

5.  Those chocolate and coffee cravings are perfectly acceptable on dreary days, in fact, everyone’s doing it. Your cute coffee mug is a great accessory and may even match your tote.


 What do you wear for some fun when it’s dreary?

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  • Gnome Lover

    I love your vintage boots! I am such a sucker for vintage boots. I think they fit me better. I also really love your striped dress. Unfortunately, it has not been dreary here. Just sun. For days. I weirdly long for grey skies.


  • Amber

    Very nice outfit!

    Dreary days just make me sleepy.