tackling collections, a diy bracelet storage

In the ongoing effort to organize I’ve gathered and examined every collection I have. There are too many. I am struggling with the konmari method because I have too many attachments to things! How can I find joy in every single collection I have? That’s another post. I did however try to edit within categories as recommended in the book. I dedicate Saturdays to doing a little diy and spruce up around the house & here’s last Saturday’s accomplishment.


my attempt at containing bracelets using vintage

I have lots of little vintage containers like this suitcase, some of which aren’t practical to use for what they were once intended. I used a pool noodle and a paper towel role covered in scrap fabric to hold the rolling bracelets in place and make the suitcase a specialized organizer. I can see them all now and quickly choose one for the day. I did weed a few from the collection once I gathered them all together and saw how many were a bit similar (a konmari trademark). If I want any more in this style I’ll have to weed some more…or get a bigger suitcase. What sprucing up are you doing for your Saturday, friends?


scrap fabric around a pool noodle or towel holder keeps this bracelet style in place


  • http://Tallgirlsfashion.no Anett

    This is a great idea! I actually bought a bangle holder stand which sits on top of a cupboard, so I can see them all. That is, there’s more in the drawer below that won’t fit on the stand, hark…

    It has been interesting and fun to read your Konmari series, if I can call it that. While I haven’t read the book myself and I have a lot of stuff (shoes, clothes, books, china), I try to keep each collection organised, so I know what I have and can quickly see if I have multiples. I believe that if we are a true collector of something — shoes or clothes, for instance — we are allowed to have more of these things, since we use them and treasure them. We shouldn’t get rid of things just to get rid of them — that’s also a waste. Buying new stuff, though, that’s a different story!

    Anett | Tall Girl’s Fashion

  • http://forsevenseasons.wordpress.com for seven seasons

    This is an unreal idea. I have SO MANY bracelets and no clue how to store them all!


  • B.Brittain-Marshall

    Love your vintage suitcase! Now you can travel in style…always with your bracelets. Visiting via SITS Share Fest

  • http://bybmg.blogspot.com/ Becky @ bybmg

    This is genius! Now I want a little suitcase to make one :)

  • http://happyprettysweet.com Akaleistar

    What an awesome storage idea!