sunday at home, pumpkin things on our table

I am the perfect customer for all of those businesses who are cranking out the pumpkin creations this month. But instead of driving to the coffee shop this morning we sat at our kid created table centerpiece and enjoyed some pumpkin blueberry muffins. I add a can of organic pumpkin pie filling to muffin and cake mixes all fall. They are a great lower calorie substitute for eggs and oil in your recipes.  I will miss all of my pumpkin creations next month when I begin an earnest love affair with peppermint.

Our oldest little man helped me collect little pumpkins, leaves and acorns for the vase, and of course threw them in….

pumpkin muffin batterAdd pumpkin to lots of things! Next… I may make a face mask.

pump9Powered sugar or icing drizzled to make them a little exciting on a chilly fall day.

pumpkin blueberry muffins pump6

And I received applause.