spring cleaning gets me a summer dress, weekly worn

Almost every week has me cleaning out a closet, cupboard, or drawer in my constant konmari goal of weeding items that we no longer need or use. This sends me to the thrift stores to drop off things quite a bit if I don’t sell them on consignment to earn back a little of what I’ve spent.  This weekend’s jaunt to the charity shop put a few items of clothing out of the house but brought one in, a little summer dress.  Like new, but maybe the previous owner was doing her on konmari-ing and felt no joy in this fun pattern or sleeveless style. Fine by me, at $5 I can give it a spot in my cleaned out closet.

  • dramaqueensmum

    Just found your blog on SITS. Cute dress & I love that tattoo. Following you now.

  • http://www.shelbeeontheedge.com Shelbee on the Edge

    What a great find! And I love the way you styled it with the denim blazer…it makes it whimsical and edgy all at once. Fabulous!