show off cupcakes made with instagram photos and a little love

 On the top ten list of things I love are cupcakes and instagram photos of loved ones (well..I’ll instagram a flower, but the pictures of the little guys are hard to resist). For Father’s Day I made cupcakes with homemade vanilla cinnamon frosting and I decide to set the table with a little evidence of fatherhood. Lined up on our plates were pictures of summer fun from last summer and this one, we ate and visited over dessert about our next summer adventures. I am going to do these for other holidays, so easy and everyone enjoyed them far more than a fancy cupcake topper.  What’s your favorite way to top your cupcakes?

instagram and cupcakes

instagram cupcake

White paper folded to make an envelope to hold photo, popsicle stick on back, and mustache for extra silly factor. These are large cupcakes but we use our little frames for regular size too. To hide the stick you may choose to frost with a dome shape or use short sticks.


Frosting: powdered sugar, tsp vanilla and light sprinkling of cinnamon (more if you like it that way)