real moment photography, embrace the everyday

IMG_9264I’ve loved taking pictures since my parents gave me my clunky film camera during elementary school. I posed myself, my friends, and tried selfies  with the besties in high school with no way to see them or edit. That was brave…because we developed those embarrassing things at the grocery store and had to ask for them to take the rejects back instead of being charged for them. My favorite photography efforts as an adult have come from documenting my kids. They are so much fun to watch because they embrace life with few doubts and a lot of confidence.

One of my favorite bits of advice from a long ago read book on finding your photography groove, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, just REAL.” So I try to carry my camera whenever I can and grab all the real I can get instead of the posed and perfect. Last year’s Christmas card was a collage of those everyday moments, no one did a good job smiling on cue for the family portrait anyway. One day you will miss that flowering tree in your yard, the bath time rituals with the kids, the spring afternoon chasing bugs. How many real and very loved things can you capture this week when you focus on the everyday for your photos?


how embarrassing is this dirty window? but love that smile, he was watching me come home. see me in the reflection?


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