Plaidurday 2013, on wearing what you love

I am already a bit behind in my 31 days of happy things posts so today I must list one of my favorite happy recipes…

Wear what you love.

I adore plaid and I have devoted a large section of my closet to it. Tartan, blackwatch, madras… you name it plaid and I would try it on. When I spot a plaid in fall I get goosebumps while dreaming of my vintage Ralph Lauren plaid bags, tartan sheets, and even my plaid scarves for Christmas. Plaid is a happy, homey print that evokes the past while remaining fresh and fun.

The folks who invented plaidurday feel the same way. Join the movement, friends! Love you some plaid. And if you don’t? A happy day begins with a color or print you love that you can see all day long. Wear what you love.

IMG_0386_2 ebay dress/zappos shoes/thrifted plaid shirt/vintage RL bag


Have you entered this giveaway ending soon for some FAB shades?





  • Emily N.

    I agree, plaid makes me happy too! I love how you can dress it up or dress it down. I wear some form of it year around :) oh that rhymes! I love it when that happens on accident, makes me happy :)

    Glad I found you while partying at nester’s 31 days!

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress

  • Mama S

    love it!

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