peep this- playing with the leftover easter candy

I have always loved peeps for spring and Easter, not to eat, but to place everywhere for a festive, colorful touch. Luckily, my oldest agrees with me. While he did sample a peep here and there he seemed most interested in playing with them. Icky business after a while. So we devised a way to enjoy them for a bit in a designated space, a little peeptown just for us.


We’ve been adding milk cartons, tea boxes, and more to our little town and a new peep a day when the old ones lose their sparkle. This actually keeps us from eating them and occupies the little man for a while.  We used scrapbooking paper and watercolor pages he helped make for our house siding.

IMG_4735   IMG_4749

 We do need to brush off and change our “lawn” occasionally.


Growing our peeptown with a new box. He says we need a fire station and police cars.








Another one of peeptown’s citizens is eaten. Sad.



let’s hang out later!



  • millie serena

    happy sits day and ur kid is adorable. Fingers crossed for no ants taking over your village !

  • JoAnn Madden Crohn

    Such a cute idea :-) Happy SITS day!

  • Meeghan

    How adorable! :-) I will have to remember this next time Easter rolls around. :-)

  • Savers4Life

    This is such a funny post, especially when one of the citizens gets eaten! A fun way to teach kids that sometimes food is not just for eating!
    Sondra @

  • Ana Amelio

    That’s adorable! I have some left over Christmas candy that is now being reused as decoration only… hadn’t occurred to me to make a town lol! Happy SITS day.

  • MamaRabia

    So cute!! But I think Peep Town needs a better police force to cut down on the ingestion of its citizens!

  • Courtney Conover

    “Another one of peeptown’s citizens is eaten. Sad.”

    This post was too adorable!! I’ll tell you what’s truly sad: I actually bought A TON of peeps on clearance at our local Walgreens after Easter last year…forgot about them…and then — GASP! — threw them away after just recently discovering them.


    Now I’ve got to wait a few hundred days to re-populate our Peeptown. lol

    Anyhow, Happy SITS! <3

  • Robin All Things Heart and Hom

    Oh my goodness…I adore this! You are so creative!!! Thanks so much friend for linking up to Twirl and Take a Bow! ox

  • Becky @ bybmg

    Oh this is adorable! I may have to go buy some peeps just for this!

  • L A

    Adorable idea! My little ones would LOVE this.

    L A