playing (fall) dress up


Drat. After a quick fall weather tease we are back to the Indian Summer I expect this time of year. I can barely justify the slightest layers in the morning before the heat of the afternoon has me shedding them. I am jealously scanning fall wear on other blogs and in magazines…not to mention those tempting sweaters draping store shelves. So not fair to a… Read more »

blue, white and better late than never


I love the idea of summer sweaters, but in my part of Texas they are rarely practical. Finally, after steamy rain storms Ma Nature gave us blue skies and cooler temperatures. Heavenly! Sweaters and coffee in the morning but shorts and sandals in the afternoon. It’s not boots and scarves yet, but I will take any fall weather I can get. I’ve waited a long… Read more »

sweet treat of the week and piratical minigrams

  Thank you for joining me on my new internet home for a sweet treat on Friday! This week I made cupcakes in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. What a fun holiday. It’s a little challenging the first time, but once you’ve dressed up with a vintage scarf, leather vest, and lots of black eyeliner a few years in a row you get… Read more »

welcome to the closet thrifted shirt, so plaid to meet you

There’s nothing better than finding a vintage shirt that is just made for you when you are thrifting. You feel almost no guilt about buying said shirt, even though you have similar styles in your closet. Why? You are saving a piece of history from an untimely fate of lingering alone on a rack- and you are doing it at a fraction of the cost… Read more »

hello vintage dress, you had me at the pink patches

I was cruising facebook over morning coffee recently when I spotted Love Charles Vintage’s post on a new dress in her shop. Bam. I love pink and green together, especially true vintage pink and green. So I snapped it up before anyone else could even think of it. Please pardon my summer in the midst of your fall.  This makes me want to eat watermelon… Read more »