love you s’mores and valentine s’more pockets


I love s’mores year round, but how perfect are they near Valentine’s Day when you let your kids help you assemble both the s’mores and the wrapping to hold them? Pretty chocolately perfect, my friends.  Just grab chocolate heart candy instead of your average Hershey’s bars and some red and pink sprinkles are always nice, too. To see how to fold the perfect s’more pocket… Read more »

in winter banana bread is my fruit serving for the day


The small boys at my house love this as a breakfast on the go, and it’s so simple to make I don’t know why I haven’t always made a weekly loaf of banana bread! It’s great with coffee or tea for an afternoon pick me up, wonderful as a gift to a friend, and a kids’ snack for any time of the day. Why aren’t… Read more »

paint a birthday cupcake t-shirt


We were really excited that the little man had such a big birthday. We decorated his room with giant snowflakes and a hand cut number 5 as a surprise, and then he needed to dress the part of the birthday boy. Such a simple design but one that will guarantee smiles. I draw my number on paper and place beneath the first layer of the… Read more »

wrapping paper mural to celebrate the big 5 birthday


Recently a little guy in our house had a birthday so we celebrated by creating a temporary display of his new number and his favorite winter signs, snowflakes. Wrapping paper is on sale everywhere in January so I grab up quite a bit both for the next year stash and some crafting. It’s available in so many colors and patterns that you can use beyond the… Read more »

cheesy turkey sloppy joe casserole


For those January evenings that require something warm and filling a casserole is handy. I like to surprise the fam with a new one now and then. Here’s an easy one that is colorful and hearty. Happy dinnertime, friends! Ingredients 1 pound ground beef or turkey 1 green bell pepper, chopped 1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 chopped clove garlic 1 chopped onion 1 (14.5… Read more »