tied up pretty, a giveaway with Tied Up Loose Ends (ends 10.26)

Some days I love that my hair is growing out, but others I have to tame it somehow or go mad. When I do put it up I don’t want to look like I am doing a messy updo for the gym. Enter the tres cute hair ties from Tied Up Loose Ends! The perfect way to groom your updo and match it to your… Read more »

31 days of happy little things

The Nester is once again sponsoring 31 days of blogging in October. Click here to learn all about the 31 days and the fabulous themes bloggers have chosen to share. There’s something for everyone from fashion to food and cleaning to calming down. I am going to make a 31 day effort to blog about why I started this blog… happiness. Check back with me… Read more »

Plaidurday 2013, on wearing what you love


I am already a bit behind in my 31 days of happy things posts so today I must list one of my favorite happy recipes… Wear what you love. I adore plaid and I have devoted a large section of my closet to it. Tartan, blackwatch, madras… you name it plaid and I would try it on. When I spot a plaid in fall I… Read more »

pastel for fall and redhead problems

pastel floral outfit oxford loafer

I hope this cool weather sticks around long enough for me to wear- dare I say it?- fall clothing. Until then I feel perfectly justified in light pastel layers with a pop of fall color on my arm. Although perhaps I need to wear some extremely eye catching colors to stand out from any other redhead in the room based on a recent experience. After… Read more »

sweet friday, chocolate chip lemon cupcakes

lemon and chocolate chip cupcake

It’s that time of week again, cupcakes for everyone I love. This week was lemondrop surprise. They surprise is the chocolate chips inside the lemon cupcakes. It’s always fun to try something new…even if it’s just jazzing up your cupcakes.  I wonder what else I could add to my standard lemon loves? Happy lemondrop Friday, friends! Did you remember to enter the fab giveaways I… Read more »