31 happy days- my lazy halloween costume

Instead of looking at holidays as a lot of trouble, this year I plan to participate as fully as I can. I want to make memories for the kids without stressing too much. So my princess Halloween dress went back in the closet and I threw on overalls and a stuffed pig to celebrate.I attended a Halloween event where everyone was a literary character. And… Read more »

31 happy days- busy, buzzy things

I’ve never quite gotten the hang of Halloween as a mother. Every year the weather is completely at odds with the costume I’ve chosen for myself and each little. This year I found bee suits at two different thrift stores. I had them washed and ready in September. I felt quite thrifty and prepared, until I tried to make them wear the costumes.  We had… Read more »

31 happy days, help others/help yourself


Finding time to help others can really help you too. Volunteering your time or talent can  increase your confidence, combat depression, extend your lifespan and bring you closer to people in your community. Don’t think you have something  to share? You’d be surprised at all of the things that you do have. Take a look at your interests and talents. Have mad crafty skills? Schools always… Read more »

a little color never hurt anyone. i think.


I guess a little color could hurt someone, say in a bullfighting ring for example. But I have always been on the bull’s side anyway so I am not worried about that guy. When I I first graduated from college and started to build a serious work wardrobe I must have had six pairs of black pants and several in gray and navy. I have… Read more »

31 happy days…sing a song and then eat a cupcake


Want a happy boost today? Be like the birds and sing. If you can, find a group to sing with. That’s right, I am recommending church choirs, karaoke, and carpool glee recaps.  Research shows that when we sing as a group we boost endorphins and make ourselves happy folks. In fact, singing with your fave peeps can even beat anxiety and depression. This totally explains… Read more »