sweet friday, left over halloween candy cupcakes

What do you do with the leftover Halloween candy? I mean, assuming you are virtuous enough not to have eaten it all at once? You use it as inspiration to make cupcakes! These chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes are a great example. A perfect dessert for a Friday. Happy Sweet Treat Friday to you! Frosting, basic vanilla with organic peanut butter and chocolate flakes

in which I am a sucker for fall and free things

  While I was walking with the littles with our ginormous double stroller I found this old wooden stool out by a curb. Yes, that’s right, it was someone’s trash and I popped it on top of the stroller and strolled on.  You know that old saying is true, vintage anything is my treasure. Meet my two newest free treasures, a stool and a lovely… Read more »

sweet treat- red velvet fall cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are my brother’s favorite…and isn’t the color perfect for fall? I wish we had the glorious leaves New England does right now. I made do with Central Texas fall leaves and some sugar sprinkles to decorate. My leaves are inserted in straws so they stand up nice and tall. Happy fall, ya’ll, eat a cupcake.

a dreary fall day calls for orange lipstick

  It has been very dreary and overcast this week, making me want to brighten up my days with happy colors.  So here again are my favorite red jeans and plaid with a dash of mustard- items I wear frequently but remixed together to fight the fog.  I added a brave attempt at orange lipstick. I am usually a muted lipstick girl, only occasionally foraying… Read more »

what to wear on the one year pumpkinversary

Last week I dragged the boys to the pumpkin patch to celebrate the one year pumpkinversary announcing our second pregnancy. It’s true, the time flies. I am sappy sad at the very thought. And what do you wear for a fall anniversary of any kind? Comfortable lumberjack plaid, of course. Lucky for us the weather was very warm by afternoon so we could all go… Read more »