spring cleaning gets me a summer dress, weekly worn


Almost every week has me cleaning out a closet, cupboard, or drawer in my constant konmari goal of weeding items that we no longer need or use. This sends me to the thrift stores to drop off things quite a bit if I don’t sell them on consignment to earn back a little of what I’ve spent.  This weekend’s jaunt to the charity shop put… Read more »

picking blooms for spring in marimekko blooms


As usual, I cannot resist a Target collaboration. And I wasn’t disappointed. Marimekko created some lovely pieces for us to choose from in the same spot we are buying diapers, lotion, and mascara. Target is my motherland. I ordered these marimekko pieces online since I’ve been burned by trying to make the opening Sunday of a collection. This collaboration was not met with the same hysteria as… Read more »

dig in for earth day. plant a little garden cupcakes


We love celebrating earth day, who doesn’t? All things mother nature and animals are the things that bring us daily doses of joy. Have an aspiring green thumbed little person? Make these little cupcakes that look as if you are growing a tiny chocolate garden with a minishovel to help out. Happy Earth Day! We are wearing our painted earth day tshirt to munch these up…. Read more »

another shirtdress because they’re the best


Sometimes my vote for best dress in the world is the wrap dress, other days it’s the hardworking shirtdress. Because what’s more comfy than a dress that is caught between being a shirt and a dress? And apparently comfy is the name of the game with me this spring, even my bag is a slouchy hobo. I was feeling the need for a new shirtdress… Read more »

raspberry banana bread


I make banana bread quite often because of the amount of bananas that we’d throw out uneaten if I didn’t. They seem to get brown too soon for us most weeks. Instead of making the same recipe each time I add flavors and a little texture to mix it up. This week we added tart raspberries and the little people loved it. I prefer to… Read more »