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5 reasons a wrap dress is the best dress


I’ve had this vintage wrap dress for several summers now and it’s still one of my favorite go to warm weather outfits.  Every time I am in a hurry this is what I can grab at the last minute and know that it I’ll be comfortable. I wonder if the original owner felt the same way? Perhaps not or I wouldn’t have received it in such good… Read more »

diy bookends for our happy little library


I have a well loved personal library for myself and one for my kids, but both are far too full lately. I decided to clean out a bit (I am on a long konmari journey) and with the spruce up came an idea for some bookends. Part of the fun in making something new is to do it with materials you already have. We have so… Read more »

tackling collections, a diy bracelet storage


In the ongoing effort to organize I’ve gathered and examined every collection I have. There are too many. I am struggling with the konmari method because I have too many attachments to things! How can I find joy in every single collection I have? That’s another post. I did however try to edit within categories as recommended in the book. I dedicate Saturdays to doing… Read more »

organizing it…the vintage scarf obsession and diy fix


  I’ve been trying very hard to implement the konmari method as I clean and organize this summer. My closet and many collections have made this a daunting task, so I claim small victories when I can. My vintage scarf collection had reached over 50 scarves, only a few of them actual winter wear. That means I have loads of pretty little squares of fabric… Read more »

weekly worn and weeded


The past few weeks have been a a mix of a lovely summer days and those too hot to do anything outside. On those boiling days I have been trying to tackle my closet and weed out anything I don’t need, or at the least things I don’t love. The konmari method is killing me, not because there is anything wrong with it…I apparently am… Read more »