make your own pimento cheese for a summer picnic


Summer just begs for picnics or at least food on the go, right? We love sandwiches for the park but I don’t want to indulge in store bought pimento cheese spread. It’s too mayonnaise-y and tasteless most of the time. Make your own with lower fat mayo (I use one with olive oil). This stuff is divine on crackers, toast, any sort of bread. Most… Read more »

3 things we learned rescusing feral kittens, a happy project


This is Saturday, our little once-feral kitten. The house across the street is currently empty and a feral mama cat has taken up residence. I’ve taken in three of the four kittens, but am having a hard time catching the last one. These three hissed and spat at me when I grabbed them, but within one day they were easy to handle and eating just… Read more »

summer black bean chili


Some people love a rich chili in the winter, but I like it all year round with some vegetable tweaking and fresh cilantro to top it off. Of course, I like eating it indoors with the air conditioning on, but if you are game to eat a burger outside this is a nice vegetable laden alternative. It also makes a great dip if you’d prefer…. Read more »

homemade vintage summer sundress


A friend of mine was shopping garage sales a few summers ago and she found this handmade vintage dress. She knew I’d love it so she picked it up for me for a song. Perhaps my vintage love speaks for itself if my friends can grab things for me at a discount and know I’ll love them. Summer surprises like this make the heat a… Read more »

recycled vintage children’s book blocks


Cutting up old books seems almost a crime, but if they’ve been really well worn out and you can escape the guilt, they make some lovely decorations. We have quite a few things planned for some vintage books I’ve collected lately, but I chose some of the boys’ favorites for the blocks we had painted in fun colors already. I decoupaged some of the most colorful characters… Read more »