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spring cleaning gets me a summer dress, weekly worn


Almost every week has me cleaning out a closet, cupboard, or drawer in my constant konmari goal of weeding items that we no longer need or use. This sends me to the thrift stores to drop off things quite a bit if I don’t sell them on consignment to earn back a little of what I’ve spent.  This weekend’s jaunt to the charity shop put… Read more »

springy in a $2 dress


Last week while I was dropping off unneeded items at a local charity thrift store I decided to just sneak a peek at the racks. I have been pretty good about limiting my rash buying choices after my konmari closet experience, but the store was having a clothing sale! And…a two dollar springy dress is always a fun find. The bad thing about it? I… Read more »

dressed for 1975 secretarial work


A dress that is over 40 years old made it through my konmari closet purge when things that still had tags from a department store did not. Strange, but true. Perhaps it’s the indestructible polyester blend fabric. But I think that its the easy fit and structure of a dress that was made before mass production of clothing. There were less choices then, so dresses had… Read more »

any vintage dress if the price is as pretty as the print


I found this funny little gingham dress this summer and decided I would try it just once before the weather cooled. I am always game to try a vintage dress on if the price is as pretty as the print. It didn’t make my konmari closet cut, but I did want to take it out for a last spin before I relegated it to my consign or… Read more »

happy national thrift store day! my 5 favorite thrifty closet finds ever


Are you a thrift store junkie or someone who wouldn’t step foot into one? I’ve tried to recover from my thrifting love and failed…but because I am working on my clutter by applying the konmari method to my closet I have tried to be better about what I choose. Do I already have one (or six)? Do I have space? Probably not.  Is the item in good… Read more »