organizing it…the vintage scarf obsession and diy fix


I’ve been trying very hard to implement the konmari method as I clean and organize this summer. My closet and many collections have made this a daunting task, so I claim small victories when I can. My vintage scarf collection had reached over 50 scarves, only a few of them actual winter wear. That means I have loads of pretty little squares of fabric that serve no purpose other than to explode from drawers and various nooks I have stashed them. The heart of the konmari tidying up is identifying what brings you joy. Since I truly love so many vintage things this is a challenge for me, but I did my best to choose the ones that I liked and wished to wear in the future. I relegated the rest to donation or consignment piles.

Marie Kondo also has specific ways to store items, essentially they should not be crushed and buried beneath piles of like items. I am not a folding expert as she is, but I did a passable job on these to store them neatly in an average shoe box. I covered the box in a favorite pattern to increase the likelihood of using it each day. Next…sweater storage. If I go into the closet and am buried I hope you have a lovely summer.

scarf_shoebox_storage_folded folded_scarf_storage_vintage


IMG_6697 stored_vintage_scarf_collection

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  • Rachel Garay

    I think these are just beautiful (all the scarves) and wow some of them have a very cool retro look to them too that surely must be a cool statement for any outfit.

    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  • Carly

    Such a gorgeous collection of scarves!
    Dresses & Denim

  • Shea Sayers

    Wow you have such a beautiful collection of scarves! I keep hearing about Marie Kondo and her book, as well as that folding method…both sound really intriguing!

  • Katie D

    You have a gorgeous collection of scarves! I love all of the colors. I also find organizing my closet to be a daunting task due to all of the “stuff” I collect!