this is my closet on konmari. really.

As I read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up a lot of things resonated with me as someone who is a collector yet despairs in the clutter that quickly ensues.  I did a lot of things that author Marie Kondo did as she was growing up. I too loved the idea of organizing, rearranging, and making things neat. I gave things to my younger sister to clean out my messes without feeling guilty just like Marie (I still do this, sorry, Julie). In fact, our sisters’ age differences are the same. It must be a thing for siblings within three years of each other to dump on the younger child. Marie Kondo finally figured out how to tidy up and shared with the rest of us. I am making progress and she has really helped me.

We are facing a move soon and it has made me reprioritize. I love collecting (especially vintage… especially clothes) and so before reading the book I had already weeded things, dropped some at consignment, and put others aside for a yard sale that hasn’t happened yet. Finding The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been a great prod down the road to better organization, but if I was a student in the class I’d probably get a C-.  The picture below is a cleaned out version and it’s still quite busy in there. Do I need those vintage hat boxes from my great aunt? The answer is still yes, I think so. But I am evolving and my vintage collections are on notice. Any konmari cleanouts in your future? There are a few more in mine.


I keep my dressers in the closet instead of my bedroom in our very old house

What I did do kondo style…
* I tried on everything (almost) just as she and other closet experts have said to do time and again. Surprisingly I decided to keep some items I thought at first should go and release others I once would have kept. I really am at the point of assessing my life and lifestyle and can let go of shorts that belonged to someone who was not a mama (9 pairs to consignment or donation and I still have plenty for summer). It would have killed me a few years ago to give them all up (they are like new! I can still wear them sometime!) But now I can see that closet space for what it is. Space is needed more than clutter and my items should make me happy instead of stressed.
* I did try to clean out all clothing at the same time, or tackling categories instead of rooms with the kondo method. This made me see that I had over 9 black and white skirts, mostly floral patterned. I gave a few to my sister (see?), took a couple to consignment, and kept the ones that I knew I really enjoyed. It also made me recognize the embarrassing number of shoes I owned. I can’t tell you the number- my family may read this.  Finishing this category is an ongoing project since I have a lot of distractions, but I am trying. Again- consignment, donating, and throwing away meant more space. Plus I’ve made over $300 this summer on clothes consignment (but would have more money if I hadn’t bought so many things I didn’t need in the first place).
* I am still working on folding, but I did a bang up folding job on some scarves, and I worked on a storage solution for my cuff bracelets, too.
* I have all seasons out in my closet, I may cover winter with garment bags..but I don’t put things away, it doesn’t make sense where I live.
* I tried not to downgrade things to loungewear to keep them. This is the practice of saying, “Oh, I’ll just keep it to wear around the house.” That doesn’t fly in my new closet. Love it or leave it.


so many patterns                                          vintage sunglasses collection

What I didn’t do…
* I didn’t arrange the weight of clothing in the closet as she recommends, but I did group colors as I have before (I’ve read a lot of closet books). It looks more organized to group colors and use similar hangers. Since redoing all the hangers at once is expensive I group my wooden with wooden and plastic with plastic until I redo them all in one style. Clothes sit nicely when hangers match. No wire, ever.
* I kept way too much. I do love clothes after all. I feel that some vintage pieces are almost irreplaceable, but I don’t keep everything anymore.
* I have not achieved sock folding, but my underwear drawer looks nice.
* I need more folding and less hanging and my kondo folding needs work.
* I still have a few new items with tags, Marie wants you to embrace new items as yours and remove that packaging! I am working on that, too.


a little flower bouquet in your closet is a nice surprise now and then


anyone else have too many visitors in her closet?


denim drawer, I purged six pairs of jeans


vintage gold lame shoes, had to keep these & a vintage chair to reach the top clothes!

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  • Clairejustineo

    You have a great closet. In the UK we have wardrobes and they are a lot smaller. I would love a nice big closet :)

  • Shon

    Wow, what a closet you have here. I know that you area moving, but I have to tell you how organized your space is. It seems that everything has a tidy space. I am inspired by this.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier…I’ve been away from blogging and it’s nice to have visitors.;)

  • Erin @ Home with the Boys

    Your closet looks so lovely! I’m in the middle of that book and I am inspired!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    What a good feeling to rearrange, and what an adorable closet! I love a dresser in a closet. I have been horrible about collecting and holding onto things, I think you gave me the inspiration to just let it go ha ha!!