on finding free beauty in wildflowers, berries, and weeds (oh, my)

I love having live plants and flowers in my home, and what a bonus to have them without a lot of fuss and expense in the process. Beautiful special occasion flowers are wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to bring home something free from your walk outdoors. I love nature’s jewels in the form of Chinaberry trees, sunflowers, and trumpet vine.  Here are a few of my late summer and early fall finds below, all found within a few miles of my front door.  I wish I had time to collect and photograph all of the beauty I find in the everyday. The important bit is to enjoy it while it’s here and use what you have at home to hold nature’s bounty. What have you brought in from the outdoors this season, friends?

sunflowers_picked green_chinaberries trumpetvine

I love to pick wildflowers so I often have a handy car kit with bags and clippers.

    ch   6flowers

I found these windblown flowers on the ground and gathered them in an antique bowl. To keep them fresh I added a little vodka. I posted my flower fresh tips here.


flowers_next_to bed

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  • http://welaughanyway.blogspot.com/ Yalanda_Meshell

    I love the yellow berries! So pretty!

  • Amygdalin

    So very exciting!! We are in this exact same stage in life and completely understand the internal struggle. Best of luck on your new adventure! Can’t wait to see the beautiful home you guys.pick out… Know you will style it just perfectly. click here,love you post.

  • clara mcmillan

    What beautiful photos, and flowers!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  • Lavender dreamer

    I love wildflowers, too and gathering ever green branches and bittersweet in NC. Love your beautiful dress in the post below, too. You look great in Fall colors! Hugs, Diane