natural ornaments, a leaf corsage or two

We don’t have as many changing leaves as I would like here in Texas, but I can find some autumntastic examples if I trespass a bit. I decided that they were perfectly nice accessories with a little effort, and so I made a few leaf corsages with nothing more than leaves, acorns, hot glue and a pin. These are not long term investment jewelry pieces, but they are a nice pop of fall color and give me another reason for relaxing fall walks and leaf gathering. I’ve always collected acorns and leaves, now I have one more reason to raid the neighbors’ yards. I still need a crop of acorns for the acorn charms I make all season! What are you doing with your leaves this fall?


I added a bit of felt on the back to attach the leaves and the pin

leaf_corsage fall_leaves

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  • ADA

    What an inventive, creative idea. Fall is my favorite season so I’d love this for sure. That first leaf corsage is gorgeous. WOW!! Well done. Pinning it. ;-)

  • J Trogstad

    What a cool concept! I have never seen a leaf corsage! It’s really pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  • Made in Mauve

    Super cool DIY!

    Made in Mauve

  • Iren

    Wonderful autumn colours!!! <3


  • Tatiana

    Very cute DIY for fall!

  • Johanna

    What an adorable idea. One of those – why didn’t I think of that moments?