we made a beanie baby bed from a shoebox

I have seen such cute doll beds made from all kinds of boxes, but I have boys at my house who are in love with beanie babies, not dolls. In fact, the oldest puts the beanie baby favorites to bed each night. With me.  Much as I love snuggling his favorite moose, horse, and the occasional dinosaur I thought he might enjoy putting the critters in their own little beds. These are practically free and up cycled from things we already have. The sheets and pillows are felt and clothes we no longer use.  Adding felt to the “back wall” allows the boys to redecorate by just sticking more felt or paper cutouts to the felt back.  I did decide to glue the string and let them redo the lights and stockings a needed.  If we wear these out I can easily make more and even experiment with other paper… What did you make this week?



He helps tuck the horse in bed…


puts up the Christmas lights…


and settles his buddy in for the night at least three more times.