lazy summer classics

Whist pulling this bag out of storage I realized that it was about ten years old. Ten summers that I’ve dragged it around to picnics, 4th of July fireworks, and beach trips. Ten years, and as long as I put it away by August  I’m still quite happy with it. That puts it on the classic list if you ask me, right up there with sandals, buns and pink & green floral for summer.  My new Firmoo eyeglasses are a classic shape too, so I feel both trendy and perfectly classy in my erstwhile assembled outfit.  Not classic? My blue eyeshdow, but I felt like giving it a whirl today because of the summer temps. For some reason that said pool blue to me.  A little tacky, a little classic. Let’s mix things up, right? Which are you today?

IMG_5913 IMG_5947

Firmoo glasses purchased using their great online try it feature! Upload a picture of yourself and try on frames virtually! Fit just right and my prescription was perfect. Why are you waiting to try on some fabulous glasses?  Do it in your pjs today.


Polo/Brighton bag/Hasbeens/thrifted cropped pants


inexplicable pose

  • Amy Breckenridge

    that bag looks great for 10 years! it’s perfect for the summer.
    i love your blog layout – it’s so pretty! did you design it yourself?

    • Marie P

      Thanks, I did design it with help. I sketched (badly) the house and asked an artist to draw & watercolor it and my portrait so I could keep the colors in that theme. It’s simple but I am trying always to find simple and calm…

  • Jessica K Smith

    That bag is awesome! That’s so cool that you have gotten so much use out of it! I love the mix of classic and “tacky.” Ha ha! I just bought some green skinnies and was trying to figure out a way to wear them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I found you through the Pleated Poppy WIWW link up.


  • Yalanda Ludtke

    You look great! Those pants are so perfect for summer!

  • thewheelchairmommy

    those green pants are awesome! :)

  • Ginny

    What an adorable outfit! Love all these pictures, you look rest!

  • Tori

    Ok seriously was going to find where you got those pants and buy them hehe, can’t believe they were thrifted! LOVE this whole look :)



  • jess

    Great outfit. I love the green with the pattern. Your glasses are so cute too. I am looking for cat eyes.

    from link up, jess

    Please drop by,

  • Ashley Angle

    You are so cute! Love the outfit!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle