konmari closet purge. a 6 month checkup

A little over six months ago I read the book by Marie Kondo that has taken the world of clutterbugs by storm.  I have to say that while my entire house has not made it to kondo level organization, my closet has. In fact, the picture below was after my first big konmari purge, and I can spot several items that went to thrift, consignment or to a friend within the next several months, making more room for things I can carefully choose in the future. Once you’ve invested time and energy into a space it’s harder to accept a mess happening in it again (I even vacuum in here more regularly).


Summer closet clean up with konmari method

Six months later I have even more breathing room between hangers, but oops, still two items with tags ( a Konmari no-no). I am more careful about items I purchase, especially those ‘only wear it’ once items and haven’t even been tempted by denim since I weeded that drawer (yet).  Now if I could only get this done in the laundry room! Konmari is taking over my life. I can’t look at a junk drawer without getting the shakes, and I’ve even started going through my jewelry boxes with a purpose. How many charm bracelets does one girl need? Apparently enough for 15 arms. Have you experienced the revolution yet?konmari_closet_cleanout