january shopping the closet

Once when reading one of the Shopaholic series of books I was impressed by a budget idea the main character employed. To prove that she needed all of the clothing in her closet she made herself wear every piece she owned before buying anything new. To her emabrassment she found all sorts of things in her closet with price tags that she’d never worn and thus couldn’t shop for quite a while. Guilty! I am wearing a sweater and scarf today that I have owned for some time, but a friend had to point out the tag hanging from the scarf I’d forgotten to remove.  If I made myself stick to that “no new until all worn” idea I’d have a pretty long stretch of no new. And when I say new I would have to include the vintage and thrifted. Perish the thought, friends. I am going to shop my closet for the rest of the month and try like mad to ignore the sales. IMG_2769

 Still had tags, sweater from Target and scarf

Thrifted skirt, Go International

Vintage purse, clogs Lotta from Stockholm

IMG_2808   IMG_2774

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  • http://katiesstyleproject.blogspot.com/ Katie

    I love your mix of different patterns! “No new until all worn” sounds like such a fun challenge! I have found Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration when I am trying to figure out how to wear “newly discovered” pieces in my closet. :)

  • dancingwithashley

    I need to try that as well….no new until worn. I think that would help me get more creative with outfits as well. That tartan scarf is fantastic!!


  • http://iamchiconthecheap.com/ Lyddiegal

    Closet shopping is always a good idea, sometimes we forget/ignore what we have in there, then just buy new things similar to stuff we’ve already got!

  • Jill

    LOVE that scarf. I have been looking everywhere for a plaid scarf. Thanks for stopping by Just Jilly!!

  • Tracy Miller

    I am so guilty of this! The pattern mixing is brilliant.

  • http://thecreamtomycoffee.com/ Ashley

    Man, I wish I had clothes in my closet with price tags on them – that would be so fun to find and wear! I love all the patterns you’ve got going on – they all look great together! And I love your shopping ban idea… the sales are so crazy out there and I’m struggling not to buy too!

  • Melissa @ Completely Eclipsed

    I love to shop so this sounds like a great way to help curb the desire for “new”. Stopping by from SITS

  • Debra

    I’m guilty too. I love a good sale and it shows in my closet. LOL. Love the scarf.

  • http://www.thegoadabode.com/ Beth

    great idea! I try to not pull the tags off until I wear items.

  • engquist@see what i sea design

    I might really need to try that idea! I’m not a huge shopper, but there are definitely items in my closet that have never even been touched!