happy thrifty kids

We all want them to smile…it’s nice if we can do that at half price some days, right? Here are some thrifty posts and DIY ideas for you to try with or for your smallest loves, or see the latest posts on making things with the littles.


 diy toddler tshirts

IMG_5995              IMG_6444

         handpainted_toddler_tshirt                         l4

 IMG_8921                  spider_painted_tshirt

polar__bear_painted_tshirt                painted_snowflake_tshirt.jpg

IMG_7549               IMG_2695

handpainted shorts                      fingerprint cards


beanie baby beds from shoe boxes

handdrawn_christmas_card_fingerprint_art          IMG_2191

fingerprint christmas cards                 handprint ornament gifts


folded batty treat pockets

bmobile       bpump

salt dough and found wood mobile             leaves & instagram instawall


peep town for easter