happy national thrift store day! my 5 favorite thrifty closet finds ever

Are you a thrift store junkie or someone who wouldn’t step foot into one? I’ve tried to recover from my thrifting love and failed…but because I am working on my clutter by applying the konmari method to my closet I have tried to be better about what I choose. Do I already have one (or six)? Do I have space? Probably not.  Is the item in good condition? I don’t have time to fix it. Will I really wear it? I have bought some bold things at a thrift store because they weren’t expensive, but never wore them because they were too wild or impractical. Here are some of my very thrifty and worn often favorites. In fact, I am inspired to go out thrifting today!


I love this poncho, but it really surprised the mr. when I came out of the door wearing it. A bit unexpected and fun!


I love the way this little boy blazer fits because I am on the short side. And it’s Tommy Hilfiger for under 5 bucks.IMG_3919

Love this suede coat, but admit it may be something I part with in my latest coat purge…just love the color and buttons! I was a few months preggers here and having a full on vintage vibe day.


This maxi dress was great for my maternity and post maternity days! I wore it so much I had to give it to my sister to break up with it.


This fabulous 80’s find by designer Christian Francis Roth remains one of my top closet thrifting triumphs.  I am a lifelong book and print lover so it’s perfect for me!

What closet fabulousness has resulted from thrifting for you?

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    Love these looks. You look amazing with your shorter hair. Love it on you!