we are batty about halloween and booberries. so there.

Oh the holiday joy that begins in October! Cooler air (not enough), lovely fall colors, and candy…lots of candy. We only have a little in the house now and then because of obvious reasons (boys). Since we are seeing a bit more candy lately to share with friends we took our handy folded treat pockets and turned them batty. We use this folding trick to keep our treats tucked away and sometimes we even make them a bit festive. Click over to the pocket folding post for s’more pockets to see a gif of the easy folding technique. Since we were giving these pockets away we decided bat shaped muffins would make up for the candy sacrifice. What batty tricks do you have up your sleeve?



Folded pockets with wings, ears and teeth glued onto construction paper. After the glue dries paint eyes and stuff with something sweet! Googly eyes would be fun, too.








  • Robin Gay

    Oh my goodness! So adorable …thanks for linking w/ Twirl and Take a Bow! ox

  • heidi

    These are so cute! Halloween has so many fun possibilities.