first handmade ornaments of the season


It’s about that time- if you are going to have a handmade Christmas you need to start rallying the crafty troops. You know, your paint, your glue gun, and all of the flour you can stuff into the pantry for the salt dough creations. It takes me a few days just to get those soldiers in line and then I can start on the actual making…. and that includes a mess. I have always had a fall acorn obsession and now I am moving that into the holiday season with Christmas ornaments. These Bur Oak acorns are three times the size of most of the acorn charms I make for jewelry, but I will probably be seen wearing one around my neck anyway. I will be posting my favorite acorn decorating tips next week, here are the first fruits (or nuts?) of my craft labor. What will you make for your tree this year?


Frozen tree anyone?

frozen_acorn red_acorn acorn_ornaments_green_red_blue
  • Ashleigh Sutlive

    These are so cute! I love them.

  • Brittany SSP

    I told my husband we are about the only people left who have not done our Christmas decor already…heck, we still haven’t taken down all our Halloween stuff *hangs head in shame*