first (bundt cake) love


If we’ve met before you most likely know of my undying affection for the humble cupcake.  I’ve had a roaming eye of late. I found a pair of minibundt cake pans last weekend at a secondhand shop and was smitten.  I am fond of their lovely shape, the efficient little pans, and the whole bundt cake community lurking out there on the interwebs! I haven’t ever made a bundt cake even though they’ve had a surge in popularity in recent years. Their first American claim to fame was in the 50’s, but were based on a much older cake pan design from Germany. I remember seeing antique bundt cake pans at flea markets when I was little and I never regarded the finished product as special, but after my first experience baking with these I am in love. There are so many bundt cake lovers to hang with on pinterest I may be in a whole bundt of trouble.  Have you made a bundt cake? And was it in the last 30 years?


I added a can of pumpkin to a standard box mix with a dash of vanilla extract. Fabulous!

For the glaze I mixed cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and a dash of milk. A few of the minicakes received a sprinkling of cinnamon!

vintage_bundt_pan aeats mini_bundt_cakes




  • AnnEhnert

    Sounds so easy and looks delicious! Amazing thrift store find!! xo

  • MacKenzie

    This looks delicious! I’ll have to make it soon!


  • bjc

    These are so adorable but not as adorable as that little taster….:) he is so cute…in COLOR and in BLACK AND WHITE. :)
    I just ordered some of these mini pans and can hardly wait for them to get here. Lucky you for finding them in a thrift store. HIGH FIVE !
    is having a BUNDT CAKE PARTY later and you should go over, get her info on her sidebar and then link your cuties…