erstwhile vases for blooming wildflowers

I love spring and summer when all of the free wildflowers are in bloom! And though I do have a few crystal vases in my home I am fond of erstwhile vessels to hold flowers. It’s somehow more homey and less stuffy than an official vase. I often lean towards using colored pottery, but lately found that I grabbed everything from a juice glass to a coffee mug and was happy with the results. Here are some of our summer bouquets. Any wildflower gathering in your week yet?


Crepe myrtle and sunflowers, free and easily gathered.

alternative_flower_vasescreamer in the bathroom as a vase


Vintage drinking glass at the bedside table





Soap dish and vintage mini-creamer hold Mexican Oregano


Vintage jadeite mug, love this color! Found the match here!



Vintage juice glass, I use this one the most. Sometimes for vodka.


  • Patti Estep

    Your post caught my eye (Sharefest) because I am posting a similar post on Sunday about ways to display your flowers. So much fun. Yours are beautiful. Have a great Saturday.

  • JL@ A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    i am the world’s worst at flower arranging. You have given me some ideas here that I think I may actually be able to achieve. Thanks!!!


    These flower arrangements look so pretty. Very useful tips, I adore the green vase, and the flowers are just beautiful.

  • Brittney

    You have such pretty drinking glasses, I don’t fault you for using them as vases. My favorite has to be white pitcher; it looks so rustic and chic!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  • Brooke Ober

    Such a great, useful post. I’m always looking for new vase ideas and yours are perfect. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  • Yalanda_Meshell

    I love, love fresh cut flowers! They just brighten a room! My cat loves them too and eats them…so flowers (and plants) are few and far between and kept in a spare bedroom with the door closed when I do have them. Isn’t that sad ?!?!

  • RedTagChicLA

    OMG how lovely… can really brighten up any day (Mondays included!) What say you we follow each other at Twitter?? :-)