embroidering at home and why you should try it, too

When I learned to embroider  years ago I wasn’t distracted by children, reality television, or social media channels. It has definitely taken a back seat to the busyness of my life in the past few years, but collections of vintage pillowcases often nudge me back towards creating something new. The best part of embroidery is the quiet concentration you need on your stitching, giving you time to relax and unwind at the same time. You can watch television, listen to your children tear apart the living room, or watch the skies outside- all while creating a nice little memento for your home. My favorite (and easiest) are embroidered monogram pillowcases.  Just find some solid color pillowcases or towels to get started. I’ve also worked up to bath towels, but they are thicker and a bit more work. I was thrilled to see Target’s recent handmade additions with hoops and embroidery floss! I snapped some up to try this summer. Hobby Lobby and Amazon also have a good selection of supplies. I favor the iron on patterns for ease and great choices. Get your hoop out, friends, and you’ll have a great handmade gift in no time.


my vintage collections by talented seamstresses

IMG_6378 hand embroidered pillowcases for beginners

I made these with family initialsIMG_6364

hand embroidered pillowcaseIMG_6367

and sometimes I just paint a fox instead…


  • http://www.taimemode-fashionblog.com taimemode

    Love the embroidery :) New on my French blog: “How to straighten your hair and eat Strawberries Tagada at the same time”


  • http://www.gingersideoflife.com Chelsea

    This is gorgeous embroidery! I wish I would have learned how to embroider. Its such a wonderful skill to have!

    Ginger Side of Life

  • http://www.101thingsilove.com/ Johanna

    So pretty and how cute is that fox?

  • Irene

    this is so creative. my mother and grandmother used to do this all the time!
    love your post!