happy earth day! sweet treats and our earth day tshirt

Every day should be earth day when you have small people at your house! We love the outdoors and animals and want to make sure they are here for his family when he’s all grown up. We celebrated by making an earth day painted shirt and decorated rice krispie treats. In fact, we enjoyed both a little early with plenty of snacks left for the special day, too. Hope your earth day is full of wonders and love!

painted_earth_Day_shirt earth_day_tshirt

Tshirt painting: I usually draw my design on a piece of paper and if the shirt is white I place it inside the tshirt so that I can see the design as I paint. It’s easy and quick, allowing you to be precise if you’d like. I prefer fun & whimsical more often.

rice_krispie_treats_earth_day IMG_5992 IMG_6015