diy earring organization

I am always forgetting to add earrings when I rush out of the door in the morning. Most of my jewelry storage is neatly away in drawers which may be why I never remember them. While I don’t want all of my earrings out on display, I thought I’d create a storage option to hang near the closet door so that I would at least have a few to choose from as I dash away.earring_hanger_DIY_Storage

You can find these little wooden blocks at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. I have a thing for green, so I spray painted them and added a favorite instagram picture (the wooden squares are the perfect size).  I added jewelry components by hot gluing them to the back of the block. I could have made the extensions a bit shorter but for ease of hanging I left them a little low. earring_holderearring_storageI tried a circle with sewing floss to hang them first..but changed my mind and redid the circle plaque for necklaces. It’s topped with a pretty illustration from a vintage book. Come back this week to see the necklace plaque ( I can be pretty lazy about jewelry on busy days).earring_diy_storage