covering ugly books for a unified bookshelf

I am a book hoarder collector with collections from my childhood, college classes, and lately as a parent. Sometimes those books aren’t as lovely as I’d like. While I do have a vintage collection I am quite proud to display, I also have some paperback books which are not really shelf-worthy. When I am not quite ready to part with an ugly book I have taken to covering it with paper or fabric. Thicker wrapping paper is my favorite, it isn’t too thick to fold but makes a sturdy cover for me to use, not just keep on the shelf.  For some of my older hardback books with damaged spines I used a neutral fabric and it worked just as well. I can also keep some favorites in any room and match them to fabrics there if I choose. Have you tried wrapping up your ugly books?





we had fun making little mushroom terrariums from earth day & have plenty around our favorite books











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