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finding feathers, our gallery wall project


We are preparing a gallery wall for one of the little guys’ rooms, and I am determined to make it affordable and made up of things he loves.  On some of our walks around the neighborhood we collect nature’s findings; leaves, acorns, and even feathers.  The boys found several feathers and we framed our favorites with a newly painted thrift store frame.  My gallery wall project… Read more »

thrift store frame upcycle


Summer is over for us, and perhaps the back to school schedule will allow me to create as regularly as I’d like again. Starting small meant visiting the thrift store for National Thrift Store Day and finding this new frame in a color I hated. But at $4.00 and in good condition I decided to spray paint it a neutral color and place a scrap… Read more »

homemade vintage summer sundress


A friend of mine was shopping garage sales a few summers ago and she found this handmade vintage dress. She knew I’d love it so she picked it up for me for a song. Perhaps my vintage love speaks for itself if my friends can grab things for me at a discount and know I’ll love them. Summer surprises like this make the heat a… Read more »

springy in a $2 dress


Last week while I was dropping off unneeded items at a local charity thrift store I decided to just sneak a peek at the racks. I have been pretty good about limiting my rash buying choices after my konmari closet experience, but the store was having a clothing sale! And…a two dollar springy dress is always a fun find. The bad thing about it? I… Read more »

yes you should collect those thrift store milk glass vases


Having milk glass in your home once meant you were a person of some means…so you wanted to keep it out on display. In the last 20 years it’s come and gone as a fad with collectors, especially when Martha Stewart mentions collecting it. I love milk glass and usually pick it up when I can. It can be reasonably priced at most thrift stores… Read more »