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a pretty pancake for the pancake novice


I’ve recently started making pancakes with a little flair as the small folks at my house became harder to impress during breakfast. In fact, I have even fancied up our toast and waffles to get the morning going on a positive note. I like to add fruit in almost everything I can, just to sneak it in on the days I will be lucky to get anything… Read more »

back to school means back to breakfast at the crack of dawn

Last week was my little man’s first week of a real preschool. I was in a total panic. Would he eat breakfast early in the morning? Would he get hungry in the middle of school and not know how to ask for his snack? Would he cry? Would I stop crying? Ever? I was thrilled to see him march into school the first day like… Read more »

three things for thursday, we’re peachy, how are you?

Good morning, friends! I have three fun things to tell you about on this Thursday; an easy to use but creative app, the shake that is the star of that app below, and my kids’ favorite breakfasts this week. I am pretty happy with all of them, but peach shakes and pancakes easily impress me. Peaches and the Party Party App You can see below the… Read more »

blueberry peach muffins cause I love you to peaches

We are pretty big blueberry fans at our house so we include them in everything, especially muffins. But a blueberry can get a little lonely during the summer when there are so many other pretty fruit choices available for company, so I dressed our muffins with a peach frosting glaze- so sweet you might as well just say you ate a donut (no one at… Read more »

s’more cupcakes for ooey gooey get together fun

s'more cupcake chocolate and graham cracker topping

S’mores are a summer staple. At our house so are cupcakes. So I thought we’d just bring them together this week for a celebration of all things gooey.   You might want to use a chocolate cupcake for your s’morecakes, but I like just a bit of chocolate so it stands out the way it would in the good old fashioned, let’s get messy s’more. Are… Read more »