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pumpkin chocolate pumpkin cakes.


Two things I love, pumpkins and chocolate! They came neatly together (and easily) when I made these mini-bundt cakes. I used the diet smart trick of adding a can of pumpkin to a box mix for flavor without the calories of eggs and oil. Then I mixed pumpkin puree with powdered sugar, vanilla, and a smidgen of butter for a glaze that matched. Super easy,… Read more »

first (bundt cake) love


  If we’ve met before you most likely know of my undying affection for the humble cupcake.  I’ve had a roaming eye of late. I found a pair of minibundt cake pans last weekend at a secondhand shop and was smitten.  I am fond of their lovely shape, the efficient little pans, and the whole bundt cake community lurking out there on the interwebs! I haven’t ever made… Read more »

popscicle pancakes, breakfast to go


Sometimes mornings are not easy for us. I like to make them a little happier with a breakfast that brings out a smile. Nutella is a staple in our house, and it’s a handy topping for an on the go breakfast of any kind, even these pancake pops. In my opinion you just can’t have enough sprinkles, ever, so I added those too! The pancakes… Read more »

the last of the summer fruit and a toy I stole for the kitchen


I used the last of the summer cherries in everything from pancakes to muffins this month. I won’t miss the summer heat but the cherries will be missed at our house, I’ve used even the ones I froze to make them last through September. In addition to diced cherries in a muffin mix I  like to add a cherry to the top when they are… Read more »

school lunch cookie pockets, pass a note and a sweet


After I made s’more pockets this summer I made a few more snack pockets for car trips, television watching, and park visits. Since we are back to school and the daily grind I thought some school notebook paper folding was in order.  These make it easier to tote a little snack without getting chocolatey fingers! The notebook paper might help you send a reminder, a… Read more »