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bookshelves with personality, a checklist


Are you are fortunate enough to have bookshelves in your home?  Lucky you, with an opportunity to put on display your personality along with some handy storage. I am always amazed at people who don’t seize upon the space bookshelves offer to parade the best of their passions and possessions and instead herd various objects haphazardly across wooden planks.  Arranging your bookshelves to display what… Read more »

of new beginnings and old friends


I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. –Gilda Radner It’s beyond busy at our happy place, and sometimes a sad busyness it’s been. We are saying goodbye to our first home and hello to a new (old) one. Our first house is a historic home… Read more »

diy earring organization


I am always forgetting to add earrings when I rush out of the door in the morning. Most of my jewelry storage is neatly away in drawers which may be why I never remember them. While I don’t want all of my earrings out on display, I thought I’d create a storage option to hang near the closet door so that I would at least have… Read more »

little old lady fruit cobbler recipes


Remember Grandma’s Southern cobbler in the summer? It was pretty delicious and she didn’t have a fancy organic market to visit to make it. She probably used…wait for it…canned fruit. I never complained about a canned fruit cobbler and my family hasn’t either with this double fruit version. If you are looking for an easy summer dessert, this is one you need to try! It’s… Read more »

3 things we learned rescusing feral kittens, a happy project


This is Saturday, our little once-feral kitten. The house across the street is currently empty and a feral mama cat has taken up residence. I’ve taken in three of the four kittens, but am having a hard time catching the last one. These three hissed and spat at me when I grabbed them, but within one day they were easy to handle and eating just… Read more »