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monster eyes marshmallow pops


We’ve started the diy Halloween food experiments at our happy house…wanting to choose the best option for the long awaited school party, you know.  The boys are thrilled with anything on a stick, so this week we made Monster eye pops. Cake pops? No. Those are more work than I want to expend on four year olds for lunch.  These are jumbo marshmallows dipped in… Read more »

simply vanilla cupcakes


Happy National Junk Food Day! Not that I ever need an excuse to bake or eat a cupcake…I just like to pretend that I do.  These are nice when you are in the mood for a simple vanilla cupcake. My guys like them just fine even without frosting, but I do dress them up a bit for everyone else. I glazed them instead of frosted… Read more »

blackberry bliss doughnuts


Our family is in a bit of a blackberry craze lately. Stained fingers and countertops are everywhere, friends. I thought I would capitalize on this berry compulsion and add them to what I could. It’s a fruit serving for the boy who would prefer to live on peanut butter and crackers.  They are just the right tart when you add a sweet frosting glaze to… Read more »

take a swim, peeps. cupcakes for spring & boys who like ducks


When you see the ever popular peep below do you see a chicken or a duck? My two year old sees a little yellow duck and there’s no dissuading him that this fluffy thing is supposed to be a chick. So I took advantage of Easter sales and his enthusiasm and made some Spring cupcakes to entertain us all. These are the kind of cupcakes… Read more »

eggs in the grass glazed minicupcakes


All of the adorable Easter candy at the grocery store is beckoning me to start Easter treats NOW. So we tackled green glazed minicupcakes yesterday that are happy holders for chocolate eggs. I prefer the glaze to frosting lately because it sits nicely without as much mess for little hands. Powdered sugar doughnut glaze: 2 cups of powdered sugar, 1/4 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla,… Read more »