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pumpkin cranberry cake (no, it’s not pumpkin spice)


 I love pumpkin in the fall, but I am totally over pumpkin spice. If it’s your thing, more pumpkin power to ya, but I prefer a natural unspiced pumpkin flavor to my mini bundt cakes. I can’t go so far as to say they are healthy, but I feel somewhat gratified to know I am eating a fruit and veggie in these. Happy harvest baking!… Read more »

smiling scarecrow marshmallow pops


One of the fun signs of fall, the humble scarecrow is a sweet little dessert pop for the kid in everyone.  Who doesn’t love anything with a carrot nose? These marshmallow pops are so easy to decorate they can be a kids’ table activity or you could have them ready so that the little people leave you alone to eat your pie in peace. I am such… Read more »

dia de los muertos marshmallow pops


You really cannot go wrong with a marshmallow pop. They are easy, fun, and hold endless marshmallow art possibilities. Trust me I have big plans for big marshmallows for Christmas.  Perhaps I will rename this blog Marshmallow Adventures…. or.. Too Lazy for Cake Pops When I Have Marshmallows. Can I get a coupon or two Jet Puffed? Because I am buying these in bulk. With Thanksgiving coming… Read more »

last minute halloween cupcakes, chocolate frosting, and playing with our food


At this time of year all busy moms are looking for the cupcake decoration to send to school that requires very little supplies, work, and expense. I propose the monster eyeball. Easy enough for kids to help you make (independence, anyone?), cheap to decorate, and you can eat m&m’s while you play with your food. Or chew gum. Win/win.  Frosting dip: 1 cup powdered sugar,… Read more »

marshmallow pumpkin pops are the new cake pop in our happy place


Cake pops are both adorable and delicious, but I don’t often have time to make them. Marshmallow pops on the other hand? I almost always have what I need to make them in the pantry. Jumbo marshmallows, straws or popsicle sticks, food coloring… with those ingredients you can make your pops in a jiffy. I even halved the m&m’s so they sat flatly on top. Which… Read more »