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31 happy days…sing a song and then eat a cupcake


Want a happy boost today? Be like the birds and sing. If you can, find a group to sing with. That’s right, I am recommending church choirs, karaoke, and carpool glee recaps.  Research shows that when we sing as a group we boost endorphins and make ourselves happy folks. In fact, singing with your fave peeps can even beat anxiety and depression. This totally explains… Read more »

31 happy days… why you should bake cupcakes

  It’s another day of the 31 days of happy little things friends, and here’s a delicious suggestion to improve your happy quota. Bake some cupcakes. A cupcake is a tiny celebration in a paper wrapper and they are almost guaranteed to make you smile. I am a worthless cook and only somewhat competent baker.  I love making cupcakes so I try harder in the… Read more »

sweet friday, chocolate chip lemon cupcakes

lemon and chocolate chip cupcake

It’s that time of week again, cupcakes for everyone I love. This week was lemondrop surprise. They surprise is the chocolate chips inside the lemon cupcakes. It’s always fun to try something new…even if it’s just jazzing up your cupcakes.  I wonder what else I could add to my standard lemon loves? Happy lemondrop Friday, friends! Did you remember to enter the fab giveaways I… Read more »

sweet treat of the week and piratical minigrams

  Thank you for joining me on my new internet home for a sweet treat on Friday! This week I made cupcakes in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. What a fun holiday. It’s a little challenging the first time, but once you’ve dressed up with a vintage scarf, leather vest, and lots of black eyeliner a few years in a row you get… Read more »

conference bound and leaving cupcakes behind!

I am off to the TxSC conference in Austin this afternoon. I am a nervous wreck every time I leave my boys. I can’t control myself. So I leave them cupcakes. Will I see you there? chocolate chip cupcakes…