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what to wear on thanksgiving eve? foodwear of course

Why do I love cupcakes so? They are the sweetest little bite of cake and they are quite cute, that’s why. And I love making them for my favorite little muffin.  So he and I were delighted when I found this sweater at Target this week. BAM! Fashion and sprinkles in one store. LOVE it.  Working on these for Thanksgiving… Means wearing something appropriate for… Read more »

sweet friday, pumpkin cupcakes and toppers for friendsgiving

 It’s that time of year! The celebration before Thanksgiving… Friendsgiving. You know, the lunch, dinner, or work event where you have a mini thanksgiving? I made these pecan pumpkin cupcakes to celebrate and then dressed them in cupcake toppers, because handmade= from the heart. (and the cupcakes were a box mix so….) For a yummy cupcake use a basic pecan cake mix then add a… Read more »

sweet friday, left over halloween candy cupcakes

What do you do with the leftover Halloween candy? I mean, assuming you are virtuous enough not to have eaten it all at once? You use it as inspiration to make cupcakes! These chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes are a great example. A perfect dessert for a Friday. Happy Sweet Treat Friday to you! Frosting, basic vanilla with organic peanut butter and chocolate flakes

sweet treat- red velvet fall cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are my brother’s favorite…and isn’t the color perfect for fall? I wish we had the glorious leaves New England does right now. I made do with Central Texas fall leaves and some sugar sprinkles to decorate. My leaves are inserted in straws so they stand up nice and tall. Happy fall, ya’ll, eat a cupcake.

31 happy days- my lazy halloween costume

Instead of looking at holidays as a lot of trouble, this year I plan to participate as fully as I can. I want to make memories for the kids without stressing too much. So my princess Halloween dress went back in the closet and I threw on overalls and a stuffed pig to celebrate.I attended a Halloween event where everyone was a literary character. And… Read more »