bouquet cupcakes, let’s have a garden party


Spring wildflowers are here! So why not use some free blooms to decorate a cupcake or six?  I made these little treats for family, but they would be great for Mother’s Day, too.  Don’t want to put your blooms right into your cupcake? I have a plan, friends. I made some mini vases out of straws for each of my flowers. Yes, straws.  Practically free and easy! Read about how I did it below…


I washed the flowers first so that they were dirt and insect free, then inserted them into the straw vases we made. With  larger blooms you need only one flower per cupcake.

My little man helps by inserting each flower into a straw that was cut and sealed at the bottom with hot glue. If desired add a little bit of water to your new straw mini vases to keep the flowers fresh. So easy a little silly man can help. As long as you wash him up first.


homemade powdered sugar frosting on vanilla cupcakes




  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Oh my goodness, these cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! I am so impressed.

    Thanks for sharing (and happy belated SITS day!)

  • Raquel

    Hello! I love your cupcakes – so pretty for spring! Stopping by from SITS and following you on Twitter. Cupcakes are one of my favorite things in life!

  • Maurissa Mattson

    What a great idea!

  • Tonya


  • Julie DenOuden

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love cupcakes and these are adorable! Happy SITS Day!

  • Craftybegonia M.

    Hi, visiting you via the SITS girls, your cupcakes are really pretty and very appropriate for the season!

  • Jean L

    So lovely! These would be perfect for a garden tea. Happy SITS day!

  • Preslaysa Williams

    Wow, these are lovely. How creative! Happy SITS Day!

  • Patti Estep

    Beautiful cupcakes. I love decorating with flowers.

  • Mary

    these are gorgeous (and so is your blog layout, btw), and seem so easy too!! Happy SITS day!!

  • Susan -ofeverymoment

    Your creativity is just oozing off this page! I love the design of your blog and these flower cupcakes are so fun! I will be visiting her often! Happy SITS day!

  • Seana Turner

    Straws – brilliant! Great to bring such beauty to food…I was just reading another blog where I read that in an Asian country, the literal translation of their word for straw is “suck pipe”.. pretty funny, right? Happy SITS!

  • Megan @ The DelightFULL Dash

    These cupcakes are gorgeous! They look like an edible garden. Love the straw idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wilma Jones

    What a great idea! I’ll be using this for my next dinner night I host with my girlfriends. Visiting from the SITS Girls!

  • Esthetic Goddess

    No these are the kind of decorations I can do!!

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  • Akaleistar

    So pretty!

  • RavishingRubyVintage

    What an awesome idea! Now my mind is buzzing with ideas for all the things one could do with a bunch of tiny straw vases!


    L A

  • Cayli Johnson

    So this is kinda a perfect post for me today. I’m planning my sisters bridal shower that’s a tea party theme and I think because of you I have an awesome idea for the cupcakes ;) your awesome!!