bookshelves with personality, a checklist

Are you are fortunate enough to have bookshelves in your home?  Lucky you, with an opportunity to put on display your personality along with some handy storage. I am always amazed at people who don’t seize upon the space bookshelves offer to parade the best of their passions and possessions and instead herd various objects haphazardly across wooden planks.  Arranging your bookshelves to display what you love can bring so much joy and even a sense of calm and order.  I must admit to over collecting and recently completing a konmari cleanout of my shelves. Check out our newly edited shelves corralling all the odds and ends I love. And since I have some professional library experience shelving books, I must encourage you to line those favorite books up with some polish. Libraries and bookstores “front” the books by lining them uniformly towards the front of the shelves. It’s easier to see titles and neater visually.


While you are editing a bookshelf please make sure you save space for a few things that showcase the real you. Do you have a grouping of books to display what you enjoy reading? Are you a secret history buff and expert on all things Elizabethan England? Start a small collection of Elizabethan books so that you can ponder how good you’d look in a dress of that era while you drink your coffee every morning. You can put together a thrifty instant library from eBay and etsy without ever leaving your home! Too embarrassed to reveal some of your favorites? Cover books with a pretty paper print, something I do for my worn paperbacks.


Don’t forget to space photographs between the books that reveal something about your past and your present. Find that adorable picture of you from grade school, or the one showing your grandmother helping you learn something new… reveal a bit of your past to your friends in the corner of a shelf.


You must include something vintage. For me, it’s harder to find new things I love than old things! Even if you aren’t a vintage collector you can still find a piece or two to give your shelves some history. Take some time in a thrift store or flea market to find a book from your youth, maybe a cool globe or vase in your favorite color. And lastly, something quirky that makes you smile. Don’t pass up that vintage piece of fruit in a bright yellow, it’s the perfect bookend!

We are all enjoying our newly edited shelves, and even the little people have their own shelves to enjoy in our happy place.

  • chante565156

    Wow really this is very nice bookshelves for us and as a students we need to use a one as like it. Thank you so much to share this idea with us and i hope it will be inspire us to use such kind of book self in here.