boldly going in a plaid maxi skirt

“Freedom lies in being bold.” ― Robert Frost

buffalo plaid vintage maxi skirt

Hurray for this maxi skirt which renewed my faith in visiting thrift stores. Sometimes I tire of the trendy, overworn racks of clothing and my stamina for thrifting wavers. Then up pops up a one of kind vintage item that grabs my attention and has to make its way into my wardrobe. This isn’t a wallflower skirt. It says boldly, I love plaid, and I don’t care if this is a print a tall woman could barely pull off, much less a small woman. It says, buffalo plaid is perfect for fall. It announces my presence and my lack of subtlety. I love it.

Go be bold by wearing something bold, friends! In this skirt I just might have the courage to tell off that rude woman at the Goodwill if I see her again…

“Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.”
― Horace


IMG_0496Joining the pleated poppy today!

  • Harley

    This look is amazing! This Skirt! I am dying.

  • Gnomelover

    I want you to know I am wearing your skirt’s twin for a top as I sit here writing this. And I am desperately jealous of your find! Fantastic!


  • Mama S

    oooooooh I like it a lot

  • suzanne

    Fantastic. You really make a statement with this piece.


  • Katie @ Loverly She

    Good for you for going for something different – this skirt is bold and I think it’s really classy!